[Book Review] If You Ask Me

Written on 8/29/2012. Review of: If You Ask Me by Betty White.

This book is wonderfully written, considerably short (250 pages, with personal photos) – and sweet – just like the writer. If You Ask Me is written in short chapters as a basic outlined insight to and by Betty White, herself.

Betty White gives her insight to growing older, about her career, awards, her love of animals, Golden Girls, the Snickers commercial / a few movies / her SNL show, some of her choices in life, funny stuff, serious stuff and so many other things. Little stories – with just the right amount of content.

I had forgotten some of the details I had learned about her in the past, but this definitely reminded me of what a great lady and role model she really is.

My journal was sitting right below me and in the middle of reading, I had to pull it up and document some of the things that I found highly in relation to me/my feelings. Here’s a passage of what I wrote yesterday:

If You Ask Me on page 14 – she said, “Animals don’t lie” and that she prefers the company of animals to humans. I just tweeted that same thing (animals don’t lie) the other day when I was frustrated with life and people. Weird.

(Side note: my tweet was 4 days ago on the 25th – and I didn’t even have this book until yesterday.)

Other similarities that made me so happy that I wasn’t alone in this:

On page 91 – she mentions going to the store and buying packs of paper, even if she’s not out, and gets excited to write on new paper. A new notebook/paper dotes on inspiration.

181 – She talks about her amazing experience with animals. She seems to be like an animal whisperer, just like I’m an animal tamer.

195 – Betty White is a stuffed animal collector! Holy crap! She even admitted to saying “I love you” to them as she leaves the room.

201 – Found out she can’t swim either.

229-230 – She talks about piles she has in her house. Like, the room where her stuffed animals are are so piled up that she has to take her stuff downstairs to work on. Sounds like me.

I loved this book for many, many reasons – love the woman, she’s an amazing actress and funny as shit. She’s also such a great writer, sweet lady and she loves animals the way that I do. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I know that I really need to find and read her previous books now.

At the end she talks about her moment with Koko, the gorilla, which I think is just an amazing experience in itself because when animals can trust humans so openly right away, it says something for both parties. I’ve had a few incidences myself and I know.

Overall, if you’re a Betty fan, you won’t be disappointed reading this book!

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