Hanukkah 2018 Review & more!

The reason I’ve been so “GET HERE NOW” HANUKKAH is because last year it was Sunday, December 2 – Monday, December 10. This year, it isn’t until Sunday, December 22. A whole twenty day difference. It’s like waiting for Christmas or something. So here is a run down of what Hanukkah was like for me last year….

DAY ONE – 12/2/18
I had rehearsal but I don’t quite remember what for, so I missed the lightning of the menorah. After I was finished with rehearsal I went to my original spot from 2017 when I saw the light and grabbed a photo with me by the Hanukkah sign and of the menorah.

DAY TWO – 12/3/18
I went to Sundial and celebrated with Chabad. That was a whole lot of fun with music, dancing, games, etc. I ate my first latke with both applesauce and sour cream. Then, a miracle happened… I won 4 tickets for 4 shows. I ended up giving all of the tickets away to friends or strangers except one because all of the other nights I was having rehearsals.

DAY THREE – 12/4/18
I spent time with friends–out to eat, back for candle lighting, ate my first gelt.

DAY FOUR – 12/5/18
I went to my synagogue for service then watched episodes of Mrs. Maisel.

DAY FIVE – 12/6/18
I adopted Havali. We lit the menorah.

DAY SIX – 12/7/18
We had the Friday night JrS show, Coal. Did a really late lighting on my own at home.

DAY SEVEN – 12/8/18
Saturday evening was my last JrS that I stage managed. Did a really late lighting on my own at home.

DAY EIGHT – 12/9/18
Went to my synagogue for the final lighting and a get together inside. Ate all the appropriate things.

It’s kind of surreal when I say last year was the first year I truly celebrated but also the last year being non-Jewish.

I don’t know if I’ll get to write during Hanukkah but may have to be just a compacted entry like this one. I am hoping to at (the very least) post something on FB and Insta. I also want to participate in a Hanukkah challenge on Insta but don’t know if I’ll have the time. Either way, if you celebrate anything and everything… Happy Happy and Merry Merry. Choose love always.

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