Let me

by Karen Maeby 1/30/20

let me teach you
whats inside my heart
by the kisses i shall lay on your lips
all the way down to your feet
and let me hold you
in an embrace: spiritually, sensually
in a way that only lovers
hold one another when they’re falling
deeply into the starlight wonder
of love, true love that starts from within
let me show you
the ways of everything i am
and everything we were meant to be
let me show you, let me teach you
all of the lessons that you will inhale
and exhale in mystified sighs of exhilaration
that i am an artist
and you, my darling, are the divine palette
from where i shall create
the most magnificent piece of art
a true masterpiece
that shall win and tug at everyone’s hearts
for years to come
you are the song from which i find the words
to write–so often–my inspiration
you are my poetic sonnet
that i keep perfecting day by day
you are my picture worth a thousand words
the photograph
that never leaves my mind
you are my theatrical prose
that i play, every single day. a new character
or trait or way about me
to keep you always interested and on your toes
i kiss your nose
and bring you back to earth
after you’ve gone away for a bit
for reaching the highest dimension
in G-ds physical and spiritual world
leaving you in awe –
i give you a rose on love’s day
every single day, because i don’t ever
want what we have to die or even rest
to become dormant like so much else
in this materialistic world
i will water our love with the tiny barbie pot
that i kept from my grandma’s house
in the appletree days
let me show you every single day
how to count all the ways
that the little things are what matters most
and my love for you
isn’t just appearing as an absent ghost
let’s meet, and let our souls glide together in song
in peace, in harmony, making our bit of the world
just so much more happy
and delightful to take part in

-inspired by gentleman jack + a crazy dream i had about someone i think i don’t know

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