National Holocaust Remembrance Day, new Anne Frank exhibit, Art Shabbat

What I wrote back in 2017 (along with a poem) couldn’t have been said any better today, so I am reposting it, because it is still 100% true.


THIS DAY. Holocaust Remembrance Day….. A very, very, very important day that we must remember. ALWAYS. EVERY SINGLE DAY. WE MUST REMEMBER THIS PART OF HISTORY EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.  

When I was growing up learning about the Holocaust was a part of history class but I believe I found and read Anne Frank on my own (I know I did a book report at one time on her diary). My mom had a copy, then I asked for my own copy for Christmas.

Unbeknownst to my soul I have always had the deepest connection with Jewish people, the Holocaust, and a feeling for what happened. I have always had an interest in learning more and wanting to help out in some way–to spread the word–to make sure this would never happen again. HOW was the question, how in the world could someone do something so fucking horrible like this? I always wondered. Why. Hate? Why? Just why?! The feelings and emotions I have had as I think about this are still as strong as when I learned about them.

I’ve watched Anne Frank (the movie) thousands of times, and each time, I still cry so hard. I’ve read her diary so many times. I even wrote a book called “Dear Anne Frank” about when I went to DC and wrote to her my experiences, especially what I was feeling when I was at the Holocaust Museum when someone was disrespecting the person who was speaking. I still remember wanting to turn around and smack them and tell them they should listen because it’s really important.

The more someone tries to deny something like this, the more apt it is to happen. The more someone tries to forget this happened, the more it can happen. This is how history is repeated. This is WHY it is sooooooo important to get the word out. To share. To stop what should be stopped before it can happen again. Whether it’s today, tomorrow or one hundred years from now. The signs of hate and bigotry and separation needs to stop! REGARDLESS of what you believe in—-those things are so wrong for a trying-to-be-functioning society. That’s WHY we have the issues we do because people like that STILL exist!

I saw something posted online various places in reference to if her family and her could’ve gotten out and survived…..You think about these things. This had to of happened, her diary left behind, to possibly teach everyone in the future? The people who left anything behind. Then you think, what kind of a difference could they have made if they were alive now? It angers me that there were millions of people’s lives destroyed because of something like this. 

I can’t say it enough—-we must remember what happened, and teach those younger than us, so that something like this shall never happen again. TODAY, THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH, THIS YEAR… we must EDUCATE ourselves on how to surf through those hiding their true soul. We must NEVER lose our identity, we must FIGHT for what is right and for our SOULS. We MUST LEARN to think on our own and be able to sniff out when this will happen again… and we must STOP IT this time!!!!

There is an older based-on-a-true-story movie called Freedom Writers that really spoke to me on many levels. If you’ve never seen it–basically a brand new teacher goes to an “at risk” school that is having so many racial issues. She tries really hard to teach them, all the while they are so used to being disruptive, not learning, drugs, drive-by’s and other things like that from their community. She decides to teach them about the Holocaust, and gives them journals to write their own issues. She helps them change their lives, and teaches them in the meantime to change what they can change to be better. A lot of her students were the first in their families to graduate.

THAT is why I say…



Get out there and share! SHARE what your heart and soul is telling you! This is the future, this is the only way, the only way people are going to be helped and will learn about anything that is important is by true life stories. Everyone has a story, and 2017 is the time to share it.  

Souls Enlightenment

© Karen Maeby 1.27.17

Our souls sought survival yesterday,
as we’re caught in the middle of learning
the life lessons our ages bring to us
when passed down from generation to generation.

We must learn about our past–
to meet, greet and shake hands with history.
Tell history, share OUR history:
to make sure we don’t live the history, again.

My soul becomes unraveled and my heart
nearly stops—with every siren I hear.
Every moment, are we getting closer and closer
to having our names and our personalities erased
to be replaced with numbers that’ll never define us?

Only guard yourself and guard your soul carefully, lest you forget the things your eyes saw, and lest these things depart your heart all the days of your life, and you shall make them known to your children, and to your children’s children. – This is a quote–that I’ll never forget–from a postcard I got at the Holocaust Museum in DC.

Afterthoughts 1/27/2020: this day is even more important considering it’s my first Remembrance Day after converting last year. My feelings towards everything I wrote above are even more felt to this very day, and my love for Jewish life and my Jewish journey is even stronger…including my desire for LOVE to rule the world.

Light a candle for one of the Holocaust victims….

I feel it’s appropriate to add these three events together….

This past Friday – also another one year anniversary – I attended TBE’s Art Shabbat at the Poetry Bar. Last year I remember falling in love with the place and a different way of connecting Shabbat / prayer with art and the meaning of. Once again, it was amazing.

This time the theme was “blue” – we each got blue stones, had our chance to share “blue” poetry on their wall, and connection of blue in prayer.

“Some say blue expresses the interior of our soul.” – a comment on the page we got.

I haven’t fully sat down to write my thoughts on that night just yet, but I’m sure there’s going to be some poetry to come out of it.

I love Shabbat, and I love every chance for a unique vision to connect Jewish world with anything else that is relatable to the soul for a wonderful prayer session.

SATURDAY EVENING I attended the opening reception at the Holocaust Museum of Anne Frank’s Let Me Be Myself. It was my first time attending something like that, but I did it for my girl, Anne Frank, and because of the message. The exhibit takes you through the timeline from when she went into hiding all the way until everything was over. There was a model of the house / annex, as well as her diary. At the end of the exhibit were posters talking about who you are and what you are made of…. basically, ‘being yourself’ hence the title of her exhibit. It’s going to be at our museum for a while, so make sure you stop by to see it.

Speaking of… I know that a lot of you know my connection and feelings towards this Jewish life, especially since I converted and everything…but I don’t know if you know that I felt as if I were one of the souls killed in the Holocaust and I found myself back on Earth as gentile just to discover my Jewish soul at the time that I did. There are some things I can’t seem to explain. Feelings. Thoughts. Dates. Anne Frank’s family went into hiding on my parents anniversary date (month/day), her last diary entry was on my birthday (month/day) and I converted on her 90th birthday last year. There’s just way too much–coincidence–if you will. Even though I know that’s the wrong word because “there are no coincidences but destiny” … Call me crazy, and I know some of you will, but these are my very own thoughts from the soul on the matter.

My next studies on my own is about the Holocaust for the next couple of months so that I can find information for my stories, as well as learn. One of the books I’m struggling to get through (it is a small book) is “Memories of Anne Frank” as told by Anne’s friend Hannah. There are so many comments in there that take my breath away from how she found out to her own experiences, and I’m just struggling to get through it. I am also reading “Abandoned” by Stan Telchin – it’s a challenge-to-myself book because it’s about sort of opposite than what I believe, but I need something to challenge my thoughts. I have a number of other Holocaust books to read, but I need to get through “Memories” first.

Anyway, that’s where my Jewish journey is at right now. I’ve missed attending Jewish events, and now that theatre is at a rest for me, I can get back to it for a while. I made a promise to G-d that I would be studying and trying to become an honorable Jewish person and live up to my Jewish people and that’s what I am trying to do. Day by day.

Until next time – much love.

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