OBR week 1: unlocked

Aaaahhhh. Our 10 days nonstop is finally over and we get a break the next few days. Although, I am working auditions for M & T night, that only leaves W unless people are wanting to get together for a brush up before our final weekend.

I know I said I was going to not write (and I have been absent from here) but I really don’t want to forget OBR memories and instead of writing them down and never typing them up… why not share as well. I am very tired and barely keeping my eyes open so if I make zero sense.

Thursday the 9th: We had an amazing crowd… close to being sold out (if I can remember correctly)…which is highly unusual being on an opening night for us in the past. The audience laughed and clapped where needed and kept good energy flowing through to on stage. Afterwards we went to V’s and had our normal opening drink. That place is small and we literally took up every table in there.

Friday the 10th: Good audience again. If you happened to be in the audience and heard a reeeeeeally loud bang-bang-bang clunk on stage left (audience right). Oh, that would have been the stage manager just ruining a moment on accident. I was trying to get a coat for an actor going on in the next scene and it pulled the broom and two (fake) guns down with it and I couldn’t catch them fast enough before it hit the floor. I was severely pissed at myself. Everyone said, “LET IT GO” and I’m like “BUT I MADE NOISE. I AM ALWAYS THE ONE TALKING ABOUT NO NOISE BACKSTAGE AND I WAS THE WORST OF THEM ALL.” You are your own worst critic (and enemy?)…this right here at that moment.

Saturday the 11th: Matinee was a good crowd, the evening… not so much… In between shows we went down to NG and ate. First time I think we had a table of 18 or more.. at least for a MainStage show. We always do this even for the one acts (and I’ve had my birthday gathering there the last 2-3 years) but whew a huge amount of folks at one table.

Sunday the 12th: We had very close to a sold out show. Very good energy and this was the best show of all 4 we’ve had so far. After the show was over, I went through and did my duties: as they were taking their bows I went to the back cleaning up the table, when they were back in the green room taking their costumes off I left to set up for act I so I wouldn’t have to do it on Thursday and when everyone was close to leaving I cleaned up all dishes, food, took the trash out and other random things that needed to be done for our 3 day absence.

I think some people were beginning to get sick, so I sprayed lots of lysol all over everything and put in a request for bathroom to be cleaned by the janitorial staff. We have about 20 men and women using 1 bathroom and it’s just gross.

Anyway, overall the crowd has been respondent. Apparently there are great reviews going out all over Facebook, but I wouldn’t know nor have I seen it. I logged out of all social media and deleted fB, fBmessenger, twitter, instagram from my phone and I have refused to log in to see it via web. The only reason I have been making OBR posts through my author account is because that’s through FB Pages and I control my work’s stuff on there. I’ll be back soon enough but I have to put focus on doing my very best as SM for OBR so I will get chosen for more in the future (or get good recommendations).

Little things….

The cast scares me just a little. I can say this on here because I’ve told them to their faces “You all are so weird and I worry very much about you” … next comes them saying “But why??????” There are times where I have to stop them mid conversation and say “are you guys just playing or do I need to worry about you and the situation that’s happening right now?”

One of our actors said he wanted his own trailer. See, the CH was never built for us, we use it because this is what we have to work with…. but small dressing rooms that only fit about 3 people in mens/womens and one bathroom. We have a ridiculously large cast… soo….. anyway, I think he was just trying to be funny when he said since I was the stage manager I was going to give him his own trailer. Yes. I will. I will draw a trailer out on a piece of paper and put his name on it. There. He has his own trailer. I can be such a silent smartass sometimes. I can’t wait until this happens next week. It’s going to be funny to see his reaction.

Saw the president/creator of SAGES along with a surprise visit from a long time theatre friend (that was in Corset Line). She came all the way from SC to see us. I’ve seen a few friends from the theatre but not anyone else. I only tend to stay up there until about 730 or so and once people are in the auditorium I don’t go in there.

The writer of our play drives our pianist, so we’ve been spending a lot of time with them. After I brought in my hermit crab babies, a day later he gave me 3 (unpublished) books that he had written about a hermit crab. It’s very touching, my heart was bursting into flames of happy. I feel like I was supposed to meet him, because oddly enough, I felt like I was reading my own mind reading the books and thinking about the book I have started notes on about hermit crabs. It’s crazy. I love these random meant to be and coincidental moments. (I have to remember: there are no coincidences, it’s supposed to happen.)

Last but not least…

I really love and appreciate how EVERYONE has gone out of their way to look up history about either their characters or the OBR or just anything about that time. There are a couple of books popping up backstage. We have grown our wall to about 8 or something people from the era. We’ve been spewing out facts and new things like crazy.

Here’s another… coincidence.. if you will.

I can’t remember what year it was that I discovered Gulfport, but after I did, I kind of fell deeply in love with it. I started doing my own research on it and one of the most fascinating pieces of history about this place was Gulfport was called Disston City in 1884. The postal service wouldn’t recognize the name as it conflicted with a town in Hillsborough Co. So then it was named Bonafacio. 1890 it was changed to Veteran City then 1910 to Gulfport.

I always loved the name of Bonafacio, and took great interest in one of the apartment buildings in the middle of Beach Blvd because it used to be the post office. Anyway, I love how OBR kind of explores that topic as well (OBR: every city ought to have a name…. then the postal service won’t recognize the city without a name)… funny how that was a good part in the history I looked up.

Here’s a poem I wrote. It’s with the old town name and Mary is reference to the sinking ship on the long pier. The ship would bring passengers to/from here, and to the casino.

My Bonifacio
5/4/14 © Karen Maeby

My Bonifacio, enlighten me.
Pull me in with your rope,
and anchor down my heart
until it drowns in the water
and Mary haunts my dreams.

Right where she sank,
the only means of communication dies
and I’ve never felt more alive.

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