One less crab.

Oy. Twice now I lose a hermit crab while I’m working a show. This a.m. when I woke things seemed pretty normal with the crabs: no extra noise, sounds of anything, and nothing out of place when I took a look at them. Right before leaving to go to the CH, I noticed something. I looked closer, and it was an entire crab body laying out. I look at all of them under the ship, the other houses, then I saw Adirae’s shell a few inches away. I’m like, “Nooooo!” (She’s kinda my favorite.) I picked the crab body up and realised it was NOT Adirae but one of the (still) unnamed crabs from the latest adoption. THEN I saw Adirae’s empty shell again and guess what? She was wearing the dead crabs shell. I yelled “Adirae what in the hell did you do?” She ran to the furthest side from me.

I really want to give A the benefit of the doubt and say that she knew the crab was dead and took the shell. But no, I think she might’ve done some fighting to take it over, and in result, a death. Which makes me very upset. I did not adopt these crabs just to lose them.

Needless to say…. That’s the first time this has happened. I purposely took them places with me all day (a few weeks ago) just to make sure things would be okay.

But… I guess… nature. And I’ve never seen what an entire crab looks like and if you really want to know they look like shrimp. Which made me hungry for shrimp. Which makes me a very horrible person.

And when I got home tonight their aquarium was torn up. They moved the food bowl about 6 inches away from where I placed it, and they were digging a mountain through the sand.

In other news, we have one last show today and it’s over. We will strike then have our cast party. Half of me will be very sad, and half of me glad…the glad part only comes with how everyone is getting sick including me and my throat is getting scratchy and I’m feeling angry inside due to that. Being sick or feeling of getting sick makes me want to hibernate. But I was trying my best to put on a happy face for the second show because my energy went down fast and cough drop after cough drop. Ugh.

I need my Jewish penicillin. Badly.

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