I had to excuse myself 
to hide in the bathroom 
for a moment of clarity 
while I cried a bucket full of tears 
an intense burst of tears 
stronger than I’ve felt in a long time

for no reason, but every reason 
you can imagine
and it just kept going 
and it’s still pouring out 
of my heart, my soul, my mind 
my emotions are going crazy 
like a tornado moody as fuck 
coming out of absolutely no where 
like a waterfall that doesn’t stop 
or a river that doesn’t stop flowing
it’s going 
why? I miss you
and I can feel you miss me too
you’re sending the waves 
across the waters, across the parted seas 
g-d is sending the message to me 
there’s no hiding it 
our first meeting, that’s what lingers 
it was the opening of the can of worms 
it was the moment 
that changed absolutely everything 
only to lie to yourself that it didn’t matter 
when all you can think about
is why it hurts you too
and what everything means  
but you’re just going to continue to run 
I can feel it
and your energy is pushing me to take off too
to pack my bags like a gypsy to try to forget
the memory of everything about you

you’re in denial, even though you’re struggling 
and you want to throw in the towel 
eventually, it’ll happen, but not until you’re stripped of your ego 
with all your walls down and you’re vulnerable  
to LOVE with an open heart and mind 
and you finally come face to face with the mirror your reflection, me:
everything that you are afraid of in this life
because I am the challenge you don’t want to face.

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