The curtain closes on the OBR.

What an amazing run we had. I don’t have anything else really new to add from the previous entries that I’ve talked about the rehearsals and performances. The audiences stayed larger in size and I got to see a few people (all from past shows), and I didn’t drop anything else to cause any loud noises. Thank goodness.

I’m so glad – that for everything that did happen – we had some of the biggest audiences we’ve ever had in years. I’m definitely a big nerd, so I really love the history behind this musical and how everyone researched on their own and talked about it backstage. That’s never happened before. Not to mention, I grew very close to our pianist and writer–both of them are amazing souls–and talked to me on a deeper level. I gave the “A Toast” poem to both of them (I wrote it for them)….our pianist called me talented and our writer asked me to look up his poet friend who hosts a group.

Usually I like to take a souvenir away from each show. My souvenir this year was a sore throat, and a feeling of turning green. Yuck. I can honestly say–I’m 75% sure this is the first show in my 3.5 years that I have ever gotten sick during a run of any show. I guess it’s crappy weather and crappy flu season again still. It reminds me of that Guys and Dolls song “Adelaide’s Lament.” I heard that song back in the early 2000s via KET (PBS) and I recorded it – some Broadway dedication night – Mandy Moore sang that song (I thought it was hilarious), Bernadette Peters and others were on there. When my TV-VCR actually worked, I tried finding that recording, but I must’ve recorded over it. I can’t seem to find it online either. Oh well.

Back to OBR…I was given a few “thank you” cards from individuals, which was much appreciated that they showed their appreciation for the thankless job that I do.

Strike went by pretty fast after our last performance and we had our cast party. I missed the big toast with everyone in the main room because I was still working on putting things away. We had pizza, salad, left over junk food and one of our cast members bought a cake. Not to mention all the drinks in the world. I am so happy I won’t have to see a table full of junk: sweets, chips, candy. I am going on a diet from that until the next show… whenever that’ll be. I told everyone I felt like I gained a cow. They’re like, “Where?”

And well, that’s it. That’s a wrap. I bid farewell to the OBR. I’m sure the songs will be haunting my dreams eventually and I may remember something I will write about later on… it’s inspiring me to write poetry about trains though…. so there’s that!

There’s a line at the very end of the play (after the end of the line for OBR) that says “Peter, where do you go from here?”


Stage Manager, where do you go from here?

First and foremost, I will be taking care of me. Something I have not done in three years. I have put off absolutely everything just to help someone else or work a show or event. I’ve put myself on the bottom shelf this whole time with every aspect… and I can’t do that anymore.

-My health: even after a week, thanks to CBD oil I am no longer having to take pain pills often, I don’t hurt nearly as bad and I can function SO MUCH BETTER than usual. I also feel my personality coming back (slowly but surely).
-Maintaining my weight… by not eating the junk food that we’ve served backstage. … and hopefully getting back into evening sunset walks.
-Figuring out how to live that gypsy life.
-Find out what my soul’s life path is. I want to be a real writer. I need to do it.
-And take care of several other private matters as quickly as possible.

On the Jewish front: I will be going into deeper studies about the Holocaust from now until April or May. I am doing this for Anne Frank, as well as searching for facts and ideas to continue writing on some of the stories that I have going at the moment.

On the writing front: I will be redoing my Sailors & Captains book, and bringing it back out in a whole different format than what it was before. I also have a few other stories I’m working on, but I would much rather re-introduce something that is a whole collection first, then move on to everything else.

Oh, and the biggest decision of all…. to go in another month or wait until my original bye date from last year. We shall see.

Until next time.

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