Diamonds & Glitz (poem)

2012 © Karen Maeby, copyright strictly enforced. Author obtains all rights to photos, graphics and poetry. Please do not take (save/copy) or repost this anywhere without the author’s permission and a link back to the exact work. Thank you for understanding. 

DIAMONDS & GLITZ is featured as one of the 100 poems in the original poetry book In Love With a Sailor. Catalogue commentary of inspiration: Missed the Captain’s Ball on the Destiny Cruise but saw two lovers straight afterwards dancing inside the lounge/bar. It was a beautiful moment. 

This was part of my marketing campaign. A couple of photos from Vegas and a cruise theatre chopped up to make this collage. This was specific to the “glamour and jazz” chapter in my book.

Diamonds and glitz, 
jazz and champagne:
Sparkling eyes of people in love

I take my clothes off to
rip these gems off me. 

Cleanse me ocean water. 
I beg of you. 

Let me live the happy simple life! 
I am enough glitz and glam for everyone. 

My hearts bursts in flames 
to be the only show girl 
in the stage of men. 

So, apparently, I’ve always had a thing for jazz, glitz, glam… the 1920s… sparkly things..glitter… and anything to do with shows. It’s basically my life. The thing that stood out the most for me in this poem is….. “I take my clothes off to / rip these gems off me / Cleanse me ocean water / I beg of you” — I think, honestly, 100%… if I were to describe anything of how my Jewish conversion went, I think that may have been it. The gems could represent the past (or say, sin) and to be cleansed with ocean water for a happier life… and I was. I feel like I kind of predicted my future back in December 2012 when I wrote that poem. So weird.