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2012 © Karen Maeby, copyright strictly enforced. Author obtains all rights to photos, graphics and poetry. Please do not take (save/copy) or repost this anywhere without the author’s permission and a link back to the exact work. Thank you for understanding. 

Both of these poems are featured (as extra poems) in the original poetry book In Love With a Sailor. The first one was one of three that started the book and second one was one of three to end the book.

This photo was part of my marketing campaign.
First poem inspired by 3rd photo at top.
Second poem inspired by 3rd photo at bottom.

Captain of Color 9/26/12 © Karen Maeby

Glory be to God 
when the captain took my hand and led me 
down the dock to pure happiness. 

Golden skies with a scarf of raspberry dessert. 
Every color of crayon, 
clouds that looked like cotton candy 
and stars that happily danced in the night sky. 

That was the beauty that I saw with my own eyes. 

A ship passed us by 
and we couldn’t tell where it went 
when the sky met the ocean. 

It took my breath away, pure madness. 
I was finally alone with the captain. 
Stories were told, love was made 
and memories that would linger forever. 

Not really much to say to this one, other than I have always been in love with sunsets. I think it has a lot to do with color, first of all, but also the depth of G-d’s artistry and how much poetry is written among every single strand of color… and not two sunsets are ever the same.

The Window of my World 8/17/13 © Karen Maeby

Walking down the street in the fancy 
pirate town, full of tourists and locals 
shopping in the city’s historical shops. 

I stop to look into one shop, such a picture
I have to capture it – I see 
my reflection meshing with the city’s 
and I become that moment. 

The current window to my world. 

A treasure chest hangs right 
near my heart, the drawer is open 
just a little bit to let love in. 

It would seem like it was something magic 
going on, a collage full of city life 
mixed with my life, a treasure chest 
full of happy dreams for my gypsy pirate heart. 

This was definitely written when I was going through my Pirate phase, which has been buried deep within, to be found once again… I think taking in the world and being present in the moment was something that came up. I remember being there in front of a shop in St Augustine and taking the photo that inspired this poem. I was going through some tough times in life, and needed to get away. I did… to try to find myself… through the poetry found in the streets. “the drawer is open just a little bit to let love in” –I think I may have closed myself off due to being hurt by people, but knowing, that deep down in that open drawer I hid the love, or I hid myself. I also always imagine a treasure chest within my body/mind where I put the happy memories to store within my soul.