Sepia (poem)

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SEPIA is featured as one of the 100 poems in the original poetry book In Love With a Sailor.

Sepia – [1/18/13] – While walking down a street in Key West, there was a broken piano along the side of the road. I took a photo of that with my shadow in it. Months later, I revisited that photo and this poem came as a result. 

There are days where I hide behind this shadow, 
hoping my song will come to… 
One day – dreaming – sepia, fine tuned, singing. 
A broken piano leads me down 
broken dreams, an arrangement 
left for this black and white world.

A ribbon of notes 
falling downward in a spiral. 
Everything is looking close to Alice in Wonderland 
and I’m Alice 
searching for the Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy, 
right in the middle of Kansas. 

Two complete worlds colliding 
at the speed of a star’s invention.  
Can’t stop, won’t stop; 
all of these thoughts written 
in a mile of confusion 
and all I can do is just stand here, smiling. 

I think this was one of my ways of saying I’ve been lost pretty much all of my life trying to figure out who I am. In the musical Rent, Roger sings of finding the song within your soul before you’re gone. Or at least the way I see it. I am the reference of the broken piano (the color) in the black and white world (stripped of all color)… and I’m just trying to make sense of everything. Alice in Wonderland brings on the everything is upside down, while Wizard of Oz spits out a tornado… upheaving just about everything… and leading to nothing but confusion. Within life and the soul. I hide–hoping what I’m supposed to do in life will find me, or I find it–then resurface.