Imagery (poem)

2011 © Karen Maeby, copyright strictly enforced. Author obtains all rights to photos, graphics and poetry. Please do not take (save/copy) or repost this anywhere without the author’s permission and a link back to the exact work. Thank you for understanding. 

IMAGERY is featured as one of the poems in my very first book that was ever published in 2011: Maeby, it’s only the beginning. 

This is the photo that inspired this poem.

Choose for me, my weapon of choice today. 
What kind of message do you want me 
to create for you, for this world? 

I’m kind of messy when it comes to ideas, 
and coming to the closure of a complete 
photographic image for one’s liking. 

I never think less than what I need to. 
I’m always thinking deeper, 
down to the bottom of the pit. 

Give me a difficult subject 
where the outcome has a million different endings. 
I’ll paint you a picture you’ll never forget. 

You give me a feather pen and some paper, 
a thousand of choices I have to choose from: 
A poem, prose, a narrative, fiction or non-fiction story. 

Inspiration to come from the bottom of the sea, 
you see, I must write there. 
You have a boat out on the ocean? Guide me, where? 

I scribble. Thoughts provided on the right line of lined paper. 
Whole sentences, a few more incomplete. 
Heart’s ablaze. Oh look – it’s only me and you. 

Paper, pen and thoughts…. 
A magical moment between us – 
it’s almost like it’s a big secret waiting to get out.

I’m not quite sure what to think about this, honestly. I need to analyze this a little deeper.