Oxygen (poem)

2011 © Karen Maeby, copyright strictly enforced. Author obtains all rights to photos, graphics and poetry. Please do not take (save/copy) or repost this anywhere without the author’s permission and a link back to the exact work. Thank you for understanding. 

OXYGEN is featured as one of the poems in my very first book that was ever published in 2011: Maeby, it’s only the beginning.

This was the original photo that was the inspiration for Oxygen (which is the second poem), the first part of that was written for the opening of my book. The bracelet I am wearing has love written on one side and the other side is love in a Chinese symbol…which reminds me, that bracelet broke and I need to fix it.


what is a song without the music to go with it? 
and what is a poem without the words spoken?  
but most of all – 
what is the beauty of a photo 
without the true eye, the true glimpse 
love within the heart 
and the excitement that makes you dance, 
the butterflies you feel 

oh – life. 

Give me all of the leaves on this tree, 
feed it to the palm of my hand. 
Let me grasp the root of the problem, 
solve it and move on.
I close my eyes and dream 
it feels like I’m on air, but really, I’m stable and on land. 
Love makes for the airy feeling.  
Oh love. But what is love? 
Love for one another, love for the world, 
love is the oxygen that makes us breathe.

I don’t know if I can actually find the words for this. It’s just certainly apparent that the name Ahava belonged to me all along.